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[Social buzz] Reaction to The New York Times digital redesign

This morning The New York Times released a redesign of its digital products, which offers a new experience they describe as sleeker, faster and more intuitive. SND is tracking reaction from around the web.


The New York Times AME/photography on today’s front page

This morning, The New York Times published a story on the so-called Jewish breast cancer gene. The front page of the print edition — and the lead image online — shows a portion of a 28-year-old woman’s left breast. SND caught up with Michele McNally, the Times assistant managing editor of photography, to find out more about the picture editing process.


The winners: Silver medal No. 26

Silver medal No. 26 goes to The New York Times in the News Graphics/Deadline category.


Drawing a Blank: Two Sides of the NYT White Space Coin

Thursday’s New York Times sports front certainly has the social media world’s attention, but where’s the visual journalist’s back-and-forth over the whole thing? It’s right here.