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Cover Story: New York Times’ ‘The scars of the game’

The New York Times recently published a multi-page print presentation of reporter Tim Rohan‘s yearlong look at Tommy John surgery in Major League Baseball. ‘The scars of the game’ looks at how widespread the surgery has become through personal stories of the telltale scars it leaves behind. Sports picture editor Jeff Furticella and art director Wayne Kamidoi share a […]

[Social buzz] Reaction to The New York Times digital redesign

This morning The New York Times released a redesign of its digital products, which offers a new experience they describe as sleeker, faster and more intuitive. SND is tracking reaction from around the web.

The New York Times AME/photography on today’s front page

This morning, The New York Times published a story on the so-called Jewish breast cancer gene. The front page of the print edition — and the lead image online — shows a portion of a 28-year-old woman’s left breast. SND caught up with Michele McNally, the Times assistant managing editor of photography, to find out more about the picture editing process.

The winners: Silver medal No. 26

Silver medal No. 26 goes to The New York Times in the News Graphics/Deadline category.

Drawing a Blank: Two Sides of the NYT White Space Coin

Thursday’s New York Times sports front certainly has the social media world’s attention, but where’s the visual journalist’s back-and-forth over the whole thing? It’s right here.