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Upcoming infographic workshop with Fernando Baptista of National Geographic in Dubai0

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Seeking your nominations: 2016 officer elections

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On innovation in digital browsing: The Washington Post’s Cory Haik and Chris Meighan

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Behind the Straits Times redesign

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Welcome to the SND20 2015 Middle East Creative News Design Conference

This second edition of the Creative News Design will be held at Dubai Knowledge Village at Dubai (UAE) October 23, 24 and 25, 2015 The Conference will be held with two workshops: Information Graphics with Fernado Baptista and Arabic Design with Osama Alwajish This conference shares the latest trends and ideas that are being implemented by leading publishers in the […]

Featured - The Hindu Sunday Magazine

The Hindu’s redesigned Sunday Magazine

The Hindu, one of the largest circulating dailies in India, had recently redesigned it’s Sunday Magazine. It was an in-house redesign done by National Design Editor Deepak Harichandan and crew. It is a real example of how one can use white space effectively as a part of design. Deepak Harichandan says about the redesign: “A lot […]

Courtney Kan has been named editor of

Courtney Kan named editor

The Society For News Design is pleased to introduce Courtney Kan of Gannett’s Phoenix Design Studio as the new editor of Her role will be focused on content planning and membership engagement. “My goal is to facilitate thoughtful conversation on industry issues, current and emerging trends, and drive conversation around the work created by the communities we […]


Volunteer to Assist at SND37

It’s time to step up once again and assist with the Best of News Design Creative Competition.