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SNDF Karaoke Night Returns At SND37!0

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Join us for the SND37 student workshop

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Meet SNDMakes Chicago, prototyping for games media and gamers this weekend

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#SNDSF speaker Michael Martin on flexible design solutions

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#SNDSF speaker Katie Zhu on media, tech and connection

In an ongoing preview of speakers for the upcoming #SNDSF conference, SND interviews Katie Zhu works for Medium as a Product Manager and Engineer. Katie is passionate about media and technology’s potential to strengthen connections through storytelling.

SNDMakes Austin video

Video: SNDMakes Austin talk about their prototypes

Watch teams talk about their prototypes, and learn a bit more about SNDMakes.


SND37 Deadline Week: Details and Resources

Resources and information as the Best of News Design’s 37th edition deadlines are upon us.