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John Niedermeyer in Frankfurt, Germany, to speak at the SND 2014 workshop. 0

Creating ‘Snow Fall’ projects on snowflake budgets, and other tips from the NYT’s John Niedermeyer

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SND ELECTION RESULTS Okasaki, Steele and Quinn elected 2015 SND officers

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Dog flushing, rabbit smuggling, bookmarks and Batkids: A candidate Q&A

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Janine Sack

SND Frankfurt: Brimming with ideas

Ugly designs you have to love. Saving print with type. Following eyeballs, literally. Design through obstruction. The 2014 SND Frankfurt workshop is all about ideas and insights. Here are some more topics our speakers will bring.


Veronika Illmer explains the mass appeal of BILD’s design aesthetic

Veronika Illmer, who has been in charge of art direction at Bild and Bild am Sonntag since 2001, is among the amazing speakers at the 2014 SND Frankfurt workshop. She talked to workshop organizer Stefan Knapp about the German newspaper’s striking design.

Javier Errea is coming to SND Frankfurt.

Javier Errea to speak at SND Frankfurt workshop

Add Javier Errea’s name to the impressive roster of speakers at SND Frankfurt. Errea is principal of Errea Comunicación, a news design studio based in Pamplona, Spain, and before that has been a reporter, editor and art director at several newspapers throughout the country.