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On eve of Instant Articles, a Q&A with Facebook’s Robyn Morris0

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The Guts: Herstory showcases audio of female journalists

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+1T: Don’t toss those action figures on eBay

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+1T: Mario Garcia on smartwatch design

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+1T: The student work

On day five of Design Days in Istanbul, 400-plus students are put to work, given the task of conceptualizing and executing a features supplement cover in a couple of hours from nothing but magazine scraps, a few office supplies, and their imaginations. The final results provide a spectrum of approaches as varied as the attendees, […]

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The Guts: Columbia Missourian launches responsive redesign

The Columbia Missourian is unique because it’s a city paper serving the residents of Columbia, Missouri, but its staffed by the journalism students at the University of Missouri supervised by faculty editors. The Missourian recently launched a responsive redesign, and faculty news editor Elizabeth Stephens took us behind the scenes. Editors hope this redesign will aid in allowing […]


Welcome to the SND20 2015 Middle East Creative News Design Conference

This second edition of the Creative News Design will be held at Dubai Knowledge Village at Dubai (UAE) October 23, 24 and 25, 2015 The Conference will be held with two workshops: Information Graphics with Fernado Baptista and Arabic Design with Osama Alwajish This conference shares the latest trends and ideas that are being implemented by leading publishers in the […]