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Two cities, two quick courses, same dates: you choose0


Springtime. DC. Newseum. Register now.

John Niedermeyer in Frankfurt, Germany, to speak at the SND 2014 workshop. 0

Creating ‘Snow Fall’ projects on snowflake budgets, and other tips from the NYT’s John Niedermeyer

SNDOfficers2014 1

SND ELECTION RESULTS Okasaki, Steele and Quinn elected 2015 SND officers

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Congratulations to 2014′s President’s Awards recipients

Each year, a few SND members and contributors are acknowledged with The President’s Award, was created in 1988 as a public acknowledgement to those who made a special effort on behalf our organization. Here are the latest recipients.


Dog flushing, rabbit smuggling, bookmarks and Batkids: A candidate Q&A

[SND officer elections are handled electronically and open to all members. Contact if you haven't received your ballot.] With just one week to go before the 2015 officer election ends, I caught up with the two candidates for secretary/treasurer, Douglas Okasaki and Frank Mina, for a Q&A — trust me, there are things here [...]

Janine Sack

SND Frankfurt: Brimming with ideas

Ugly designs you have to love. Saving print with type. Following eyeballs, literally. Design through obstruction. The 2014 SND Frankfurt workshop is all about ideas and insights. Here are some more topics our speakers will bring.