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Guardian creative director Alex Breuer joins SND Frankfurt lineup

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SND Frankfurt: 10 reasons to go

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Speakers from The New York Times, The National, National Geographic coming to SND Frankfurt

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Sara Quinn

At SND Frankfurt: What eyetrack research teaches us about readers

At the upcoming SND Frankfurt workshop, design researcher Sara Quinn will talk about findings from Poynter’s many studies of how people engage with journalistic storytelling across platforms. Quinn will also give a sneak preview of a current project on how readers engage with photojournalism.

Ted Irvine

Some questions for SND Frankfurt speaker Ted Irvine

Ted Irvine, the senior design director at Vox Media, joins an impressive roster of speakers at the 2014 SND Frankfurt workshop (click here to register). We asked him a few questions to get to know him better. While I find inspiration from newspapers, I rarely read them anymore. When I do have the opportunity to do so, I [...]


In other sports news …

Like this conversation? Want to hear more? Join us in Frankfurt! So while LeBron was deciding to take his talents back to Ohio, there was this thing called the World Cup going on. We don’t know yet what the global viewership was, but Sunday’s final was the most watched soccer game ever in the U.S. [...]