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Syracuse Sat evening (940) 0

Best of News Design judging process visualized

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Medal winners from SND Digital judging

Code and Theory 0

Code and Theory at #SNDDC — taking on ambitious projects

  • Dan Zedek

    Assistant Managing Editor for Design, The Boston Globe
  • Brad Smith

    Director of Photography, Sports Illustrated
  • Dan Rhatigan

    Type Director, Monotype
  • Sara Quinn

    Design and Journalism Consultant/Researcher
#SNDMakes: How might we better tell picture stories?

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Headline; title; text

When typography rules the page. The pages are not necessarily award winners.


SND36: SND Foundation Karaoke Fundraiser

As judges and facilitators prepare to travel to Syracuse this weekend for the Best of News Design competition, it’s time to start thinking about the annual SND Foundation Karaoke Fundraiser.



Information graphics pages from all over the world . The pages are not necessarily award winners.