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Dramatic scenes from the crackdown on Zaman

On Dec. 14 Turkish authorities raided Zaman’s offices and detained its editor-in-chief, Ekrem Dumanli, as part of a wider media crackdown. Dumanli was held for five days.

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Telegraph online

Fast, practical mapping solutions from Maps4News

If you’ve attended the SND annual workshop in recent years, you’ve likely met Christian Erades and checked out Maps4News. Erades is the sales manager for the cartographic company. I caught up with Christian recently.

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Lost in translation? Spanish, Portuguese Calls posted

The Spanish version of the Call for Entries is now available for your downloading pleasure here. Other languages coming soon. A few items of note: Later deadlines: The deadline for U.S. entries this year is January 28, 2015; for international entries it’s Feb. 4. You’re welcome to enter earlier than that, of course. Special categories: [...]

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Wyse words: On building the Grid, and shutting it down

Earlier this year The Grid in Toronto published its last issue. Under the creative direction of Vanessa Wyse, the hybrid magazine/newsweekly had set a new standard for design excellence, earning the first back-to-back-to-back World’s Best recognition in SND history. Vanessa was kind enough recently to take me through the evolution of The Grid’s design voice, [...]

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In other sports news …

Like this conversation? Want to hear more? Join us in Frankfurt! So while LeBron was deciding to take his talents back to Ohio, there was this thing called the World Cup going on. We don’t know yet what the global viewership was, but Sunday’s final was the most watched soccer game ever in the U.S. [...]

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Boston Globe main

[infographic case study] Boston Globe’s energetic interactive and print graphics

Chiqui Esteban heads a talented crew at The Boston Globe, creating a stream of great news graphics. Two forces jump to the surface when talking with Esteban. One, the lasting impact of the Globe’s much-heralded 2011 site redesign — a change that brought device-agnostic site design to the top of the news design conversation. This [...]

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[Infographic case study] The energetic visualizations from Swiss weekly NZZ am Sonntag

Plotting a course in the changing media landscape leading Swiss weekly NZZ am Sonntag made a new commitment to infographics. Infographics designer Marina Breame, took time to talk with SND and share some of their projects.

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The long road to SXSW: MSU students pave their way to Austin with creativity

8 MSU students are raising support to travel more than 1,000 miles to help four non-profit organizations.

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[How it was made] The Verge’s OS-responsive exploration of “Fanboys”

Behind “Fanboys.” The Verge’s longform story that serves up designs based on your OS.

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Times of Oman Mandela spread

Infographic case study: Times of Oman incredible Mandela visualizations (… and some others)

The Times of Oman and Al Shabiba are among the top winners in SND’s annual competition with bold designs that take on big stories in big ways.

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[Social buzz] Reaction to The New York Times digital redesign

This morning The New York Times released a redesign of its digital products, which offers a new experience they describe as sleeker, faster and more intuitive. SND is tracking reaction from around the web.

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JFK50: An inside look at the DMN’s special section

The Dallas Morning News highlights a year’s worth of coverage for the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination with a 12-page special section. Here’s an inside look at the section by designer Marilyn Bishkin and artist Michael Hogue.

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Meet the candidates for SND officer 2014

SND members can vote for the officers from Oct. 14-Nov. 7. The winners will be announced at the annual workshop.

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Designing in a world of tickers, stats and chrome

ESPN has dominated the 24-hour field for so long it’s worth stopping to assess things now that we have a new entrant, FOX Sports 1. The sports network launched last month and features college football, NASCAR, soccer and UFC so far. It also has its own newscast, FOX Sports Live, and a fresh design.

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Tiffany Grandstaff and Tim Ball on the Digital First Media redesign

Tiffany Grandstaff is leading Digital First Media’s company-wide print redesign initiative aimed at bringing a common visual identity and improved design to DFM’s portfolio of daily newspapers.

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Sunday editions: A soldier’s wife

Each week, newspapers put their best foot (and stories) forward in their Sunday editions. This week, The Los Angeles Times shares its most recent project.

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