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Grab those tear sheets: Call for Entries is now available

The Call for Entries is now available for your downloading pleasure here, and hard copies are being mailed out to members and recent competition participants in the coming week. A few items of note: Later deadlines: The deadline for U.S. entries this year is January 28, 2015; for international entries it’s Feb. 4. You’re welcome [...]

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Apply now for student travel grants to the D.C. workshop

The SND Annual Workshop Exhibition is coming to Washington D.C. in April 2015, and now is the time to apply for travel grants to help get you there. We’ll be awarding 10-12 grants to deserving students, which will provide full registration plus $500 to put toward hotel and travel. The deadline to apply is December [...]

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Don't miss out on Mario's daily blog!

Mario Garcia Master Class at Poynter: A special offer for SND members

Here’s a great deal for SND members. What does it take to succeed in a changing media environment? Learn how to re-invent and re-imagine your work from Mario Garcia.

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Wyse words: On building the Grid, and shutting it down

Earlier this year The Grid in Toronto published its last issue. Under the creative direction of Vanessa Wyse, the hybrid magazine/newsweekly had set a new standard for design excellence, earning the first back-to-back-to-back World’s Best recognition in SND history. Vanessa was kind enough recently to take me through the evolution of The Grid’s design voice, [...]

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Dog flushing, rabbit smuggling, bookmarks and Batkids: A candidate Q&A

[SND officer elections are handled electronically and open to all members. Contact if you haven't received your ballot.] With just one week to go before the 2015 officer election ends, I caught up with the two candidates for secretary/treasurer, Douglas Okasaki and Frank Mina, for a Q&A — trust me, there are things here [...]

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Welcome to SND election season

We’re pleased to bring you two great options for the office of secretary/treasurer in 2015: Frank Mina of the San Francisco Chronicle, and Douglas Okasaki of the Gulf News in Dubai. Mina and Okasaki will be on the ballot going out to all SND members on Sept. 1. Each year SND selects new officers: the [...]

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SND36 Update: Mike Rice Named Print Competition Coordinator

Mike Rice, features design director of the Minneapolis Star Tribune, has been named print competition coordinator for the 36th annual Best of News Design Creative Competition, to be held in February 2015 in Syracuse, N.Y., on the campus of Syracuse University. Rice was appointed by SND’s print competition committee earlier this summer. He will serve [...]

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In other sports news …

Like this conversation? Want to hear more? Join us in Frankfurt! So while LeBron was deciding to take his talents back to Ohio, there was this thing called the World Cup going on. We don’t know yet what the global viewership was, but Sunday’s final was the most watched soccer game ever in the U.S. [...]

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Cracked Hat: The non-sports fan behind the James portrait — and a few dozen others

In early 2013, I was looking for an illustrator to draw a portrait of Bob Dylan for the Minneapolis Star Tribune’s annual Minnesota Profile. At the time, I had a limited experience with the market, so I reached out to Los Angeles Times AME Michael Whitley and sought his advice. I asked for a list [...]

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60 Hours in Cleveland: The Plain Dealer’s LeBron Section

This post is not about me. I have been design and graphics editor at the Cleveland Plain Dealer since May 19 — by happenstance seven weeks before LeBron James announced his return to the Cleveland Cavaliers on July 11. I replaced Emmet Smith, who was in the same chair in 2010 when James left the [...]

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The Grid closing its doors

Was it a weekly paper? A magazine? An alt-weekly? We were never quite sure how to categorize The Grid. What it was, though, was pretty spectacular. So we’re saddened to hear that this Thursday will be its last day of publication. Operated by the Star Media Group in Toronto, The Grid sprang onto the scene [...]

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Volunteer to Assist at SND36

If you’ve been looking for an opportunity to get involved with SND, or to spend a weekend with 50 of the best visual minds in the business, this is your chance. About 30 SND professional volunteers will be needed again in February to assist in the 36th annual Best of News Design Creative Competition print [...]

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[Cover Story] Behind the bold visuals and political coverage in the Boston Globe’s Capital section

On Friday, the Boston Globe launched a new broadsheet section, Capital, that pairs bold visuals and graphics with in-depth political coverage. I asked Design Director Dan Zedek and designer Kim Maxwell Vu to share with me the design philosophy that’s driving them and some highlights of the new section.

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Best of Sports Design 2013: Sports Designer of the Year

Best of Sports Design 2013 hits its crescendo with the announcement of 2013’s Sports Designer of the Year. Sports Designer of the Year 2013 from Rich Boudet on Vimeo. Congratulations! As a reminder, all of BOSD2013 can be found here, and stay tuned this week for a complete wrapup of the competition.

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Boston Globe main

[infographic case study] Boston Globe’s energetic interactive and print graphics

Chiqui Esteban heads a talented crew at The Boston Globe, creating a stream of great news graphics. Two forces jump to the surface when talking with Esteban. One, the lasting impact of the Globe’s much-heralded 2011 site redesign — a change that brought device-agnostic site design to the top of the news design conversation. This [...]

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BOSD2013 Editors’ Choice: Covers

Best of Sports Design 2013: Editors’ Choice covers.

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