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SND to expand training, build learning network with $200,000 Knight grant

Today Knight Foundation is announcing $200,000 in new support for the Society for News Design. The official press release is below. SND is extremely grateful for the support and the opportunity to work with Knight. This is the largest grant in SND history. A huge thank-you to board members Kyle Ellis and Tyson Evans for […]

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NOMINATE: Speaker recommendations for SND Charlotte

SND leadership and SND Charlotte organizers want to hear from YOU as we prepare for SND’s 39th annual workshop and exhibition in Charlotte, NC, April 19-21, 2017. We’re seeking suggestions and nominations for session presenters, panelists, themes and categories you want to participate in and learn more about. We’re striving to make SND Charlotte the […]

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Taking on product and technology with the Institute for Non-Profit News

Last week, the Society for News Design teamed up with the Institute for Non-Profit News for its summit on product and technology. The two-day event in Chicago brought together senior leaders from INN member organizations to learn best practices and new skills in analytics, budgeting and hiring, design thinking, impact analysis, technology management, and project […]

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SNDMakes ATL to focus on making writing more collaborative

The Society for News Design is thrilled to announce that SNDMakes is heading to Atlanta. Apply to join us the weekend of October 14-16, 2016, as the SNDMakes team partners with Cox Media Group’s Rare. We’ll be tackling the design challenge, “How might we make writing more collaborative and delightful?” with a focus on ways […]

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India: Let’s see your Olympic pages

India’s first and only international newspaper design site,, is conducting a news design competition based on Rio Olympics 2016 jointly with SND 19 (Society for News Design Asia-South Pacific). There is no entry fee. Good luck and show us your best!

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Free! Online course on the fundamentals of news design

Want a starter course on what makes for great news design? SND has partnered with the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas to offer a free five-week online course “Introduction to News Design” from June 27 to July 31. Registration is open. Click here to sign up for this free online course. “We’re surrounded […]

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A statement regarding SND Charlotte and HB2

The Society for News Design announced in October 2015 it would bring its annual workshop and exhibition to Charlotte, N.C., in April 2017. We’re excited to welcome hundreds of visual journalists, artists, designers and developers to the Queen City. We’re also looking forward to working closely with local creatives to bring together a community of […]

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#SNDSF: Thank you

The Society for News Design wants to say thank you for taking the time to join us in San Francisco. Register now to join us at SNDCLT!

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Rob Covey

Rob Covey receives SND’s Lifetime Achievement award

The Society for News Design awarded Rob Covey its Lifetime Achievement Award on Saturday at the #SNDSF closing gala.

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Friends and colleagues sing the praises of Rob Covey

The Society for News Design awarded Rob Covey its Lifetime Achievement Award on Saturday at the #SNDSF closing gala. Here are highlights of what those who know Covey had to say.

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Morning at Code for America headquarters in San Francisco's SoMa neighborhood.

Community and connections, SNDMakes-SF invents new experiences for the news and civic designers

A mid–design-sprint update.

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#SNDSF: Hands-on training on design thinking for journalists

In an ongoing preview of speakers for the upcoming #SNDSF conference, Chris Courtney and Tran Ha share a preview of their hands-on Design Thinking session.

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#SNDSF: What people are talking about

Our weekly roundup of stories, tweets and posts you might have missed the previous week from speakers, members and us here at SND. Find something interesting? Give it a share and join the conversation by tagging #SNDSF on Twitter.

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SNDSF: An entire conference in under 90 minutes — don’t miss #SNDignite

We’ve enlisted a superb array of experts — international consultants, professionals, educators, innovators, entrepreneurs, Bay Area startup types, and so many others to share their insightful, instructional, quirky and inspirational talks.

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Meet SNDMakes-SF, designing prototypes for the news design community

Nearly 30 organizations represented in our three-days design sprint

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#SNDSF speaker Len De Groot on why VR should leverage data visualization

In an ongoing preview of speakers for the upcoming #SNDSF conference, Paul Wallen interviews speaker Len De Groot, director of data visualization for the Los Angeles Times. Len will speak on combining infographics and virtual reality.

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