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Design for your ears: Hear about NPR One at #SNDDC

NPR One is a personalized audio experience designed to be heard. The app is one of SND’s 10 digital finalists for World’s Best-Designed this year. Being out of sight creates a unique set of constraints for building a mobile app. Take a listen at SNDDC as Jeremy Pennycook and Dan Newman share the evolution of […]

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Andrea Levy on OpinionArt and her talk at #SNDDC

I first saw Andrea Levy in person at the SND Houston workshop in 2005, after years of admiring her illustration work in Best of News Design annuals. Attending her session that year was, for me, Must See Levy. As she began showing a few of her raw photographs in that dimly lit hotel conference room, […]

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Cover 36: Who’s got it? Enter our cover competition

Submit your cover design by Friday, March 27. We’ll post all the entrants here and give you a chance to vote on your favorite. The winning design will be the cover of the 36th edition of The Best of News Design™ annual.

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Winners list: 2014 Best of Digital Design competition

The Society For News Design is thrilled to announce winners from the 2014 “Best of Digital Design” competition.

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SND Digital: There are 10 finalists for World’s Best-Designed™

Ten finalists have been shortlisted for World’s Best-Designed™ digital news products from the annual SND Digital judging. The final winner or winners will be named at the annual workshop on April 11

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World’s Best-Designed™: Down to the final 17 papers

Here are the 17 newspapers that survived two days of elimination rounds in the World’s Best-Designed Newspaper competition.

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Best of Sports Design 2014: Last call for entries

The complete call for entries can be found here. If you have questions, please contact Josh Crutchmer at

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Black and White

Black and white color pages are never out of fashion The pages are not necessarily award winners.

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It’s entertainment time.

Entertainment pages are always a catch readers’ eyes. The pages are not necessarily award winners.  

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Judging the World's Best-Designed Newspaper takes several elimination rounds over a long weekend in Syracuse, N.Y.

Design judges reflect on the papers vying to be World’s Best™

Judges tasked with choosing the World’s Best-Designed Newspaper got a rare and unique perspective on the constanty-evolving state of newspaper presentation. After they saw all the entries, judges reflected on what they saw.

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World Cup 2014

Vibrant World Cup coverage in the world press. The pages are not necessarily award winners.

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Facilitators, judges, team captains, book editor, photographer, database desk, online coverage desk. All competition team that make it possible.

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Are you afraid of the white space?

Take a  look at pages with generous amount of white space The pages are not necessarily award winners.  

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Take a  look when illustration rules the pages. The pages are not necessarily award winners.

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Headline; title; text

Take a  look when typography rules the pages. The pages are not necessarily award winners.

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SND36: SND Foundation Karaoke Fundraiser

As judges and facilitators prepare to travel to Syracuse this weekend for the Best of News Design competition, it’s time to start thinking about the annual SND Foundation Karaoke Fundraiser.

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