Mark Johnson on innovation, personalization and user-experience design in media

I first met Mark Johnson at SND St. Louis in September 2011. The now 35-year old CEO of Zite — a personalized magazine app acquired by CNN earlier that year — was the definition of unassuming. Sporting a curly fro, eyebrow ring, t-shirt and backpack, I actually mistook him for a college student. Our first conversation had us discussing everything from cocktails and news design to architecture and taxidermy. Here, Johnson talks innovation, personalization and user-experience design in media.

The Onion’s design director on iPads, UX, and those miserable looking people in the Onion’s quote-opinion pieces

How much fun is it to work at the Onion? Turns out, it’s kind of a lot.

Today, as part of SND’s Year-Long Conversation, Veronika Goldberg is the Onion’s Chicago-based design director takes a few minutes to talk with us and tell us. “Everyone is certainly quirky and wonderfully unique. Nothing is off-limits, so unlike most office environments, individuality is encouraged,” Veronika said.

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