Indiana University students and faculty hard at work on Best of News Design book

Papers and books crowd Indiana University lecturer Steve Layton’s desk. Next to where he sits is last year’s Society for News Design hardcover, Best of News Design. Under it is the 2011 book, and under that are the printed pages that will become the 2013 edition. It’s the 34th year of existence for the book, but it’s IU’s first year to design it.

You decide the book cover: Annual SND Best of News Design cover design contest

Update: Voting is now closed

We received hundreds of votes over the past two weeks, and we’ll be announcing the finalists soon. Thank you to everyone who submitted cover possibilities, it is an amazing gallery of work, and variety of solutions, that you have presented us. We’ll leave the gallery up for now, stay tuned for the next round!

Meet SND’s 2012 World’s Best news sites and apps: SB Nation, and the Guardian and Observer iPad app

The Society for News Design is thrilled to announce the 2012 World’s Best Designed news sites and apps: SB Nation, and the Guardian and Observer iPad apps.

The baselines for digital news design are changing and becoming more mature. Over the past year responsive design and custom typography became expectations instead of an experimental exceptions. Touch compatibility is essential; Flash is prohibited. There’s a reductionist movement to confidently display hierarchy while tastefully integrating smart customization and social.