Q+A with Thomas Molén — Malofiej’s Best of Show winner

Thomas Molén, a visual journalist for Svenska Dagbladet (Stockholm), is a self-proclaimed “visual junkie” and “infographics nerd.” He’s also an award-winner. His online graphic showing voting patterns in last year’s Eurovision Song Contest won the Peter Sullivan/Best of Show award in this year’s Malofiej competition. We interview him and take a look at his amazing work.

Provide information, attract and surprise, and create emotion

By Andrea Zagata, Michigan State University/SND

Citing super heros that made his mother smile, to monsters that almost made her commit him, Luiz Iria showed that creativity is at the root of all art, even the most realistic. Now the director of Editora Abril’s infographics department, Iria says the best information graphics should preform three main functions: They provide information quickly and accurately, attract and surprise through striking images, and create emotion a reader can connect to.

La metodología de Goertzen para el diseño de infografías

By María de los Ángeles Briones, Universidad Católica de Chile/SND Al enfrentarse a la creación de una infografía, el equipo que estará detrás de ella debe organizar una gran cantidad de información, encausarla por un foco correcto y tangibilizarla sobre un soporte. Jeff Goertzen —quien dirige el departamento de infografía de The Denver Post, teniendo […]

‘If all the information is out there, we have to find ways to show it to people’

By Sahar Vahidi, Syracuse University/SND John Grimwade: “I’m a big baseball fan, which is weird because I’m British…” Oh, and: “New Yorkers feel the the center of the universe revolves around them.” And: “If all the information is out there, we have find ways to show it to people, to make ourselves relevant.” Grimwade opened […]

Dutch graphics summit draws a large audience

The first Dutch infographics summit, organized by Frederik Ruys, was a tremendous inaugural effort, drawing more than 200 graphics specialists from major newspapers, magazines, television networks and online publications. The summit, on March 21, happened just one week after the successful annual Malofiej Infographics World Summit in Pamplona. The interest in Europe for visual storytelling […]