Facebook’s Ben Barry on hacking, learning to code, and thinking on his bike

As news of everyone’s favorite social network going public ripples across the world, SND took a few minutes to trade questions with Facebook designer Ben Barry to talk Facebook, design, user experience … and coding.

A sample: “You need to know the technical constraints of the medium to know what’s possible and you need to know how to work with an engineer to execute your vision.”

This is part of a series of interviews in SND’s Year-Long Conversation

Start-up lessons: A homicide site in DC

What can you learn about design and development from a site about homicides? A lot, it turns out as we see in this dispatch in SND’s Year-Long Conversation about design.

  • Do what you can—now.
  • Use what you can—now.
  • Build what you can—now.
  • Take risks.
  • Evaluate.
  • Be public.
  • Think creatively.
  • Trust that things will fall into place.
  • But do what you can to make them fall into the right places.
  • Never stop looking forward.
  • Find your purpose, define it, and live by it.
    • Report from India: Inspiring great design, in print and online

      The WAN-IFRA, SND news design conference in New Dehli this week brought together visuals leaders from around the world for the first workshop of its kind.

      Featuring Javier Errea, of Errea Communications, Adonis Durado, of the Times of Oman, Tyson Evans, of the New York Times to name only a few. Here is a summary of the workshop.

      More about news design in India here as part of SND’s Year-Long Conversation.

      Introducing SND India — where everyone loves to read

      Jan. 23 in New Dehli a group of visual journalism leaders will come together for a first-of-its kind workshop, focusing on best practices in print and online. The workshop brought together by SND and WAN-IFRA also marks the launch of SND India welcoming an important part of the world into the SND community.

      What is news design like in India? It’s a land of tens of thousands of newspapers and magazines and readers who love to read. So much so that pages are more likely to feature long stories than large photographs or infographics.

      Much more on the jump from this dispatch from India, part of SND’s Year-Long Conversation.

      Lessons from primaries past: Five election design tips

      After voting in Iowa and New Hampshire, the race for the GOP nomination shifts to South Carolina. SND asked The Washington Post, New Hampshire’s Union-Leader, the Des Moines Register and South Carolina’s The State to share some of their historical primary pages from previous election cycles. What is included are pages from 1980, 1988, 2000 and this year. Look for more on the election this week.

      We also took down some things to remember when covering the vote for the GOP nomination. More on the jump.

      Mandy Brown talks design, news and, ahem, reading

      Is the web a good place to read? We spend more time than ever digesting digital text from sites and feeds, but is it a good reading experience? Especially for those who spend clicks on news sites, it seems there is much stacked against the simple, and central, act of reading.

      Today we talk with one of the web’s best, Mandy Brown, about readability, and design. Mandy’s passion for reading is what fuels her design. Read her work on A List Apart, A Working Library. Our interview is on the jump.

      This is our second dispatch in SND’s Year-Long Conversation. Find last week’s post here.

      Eye-trap: What happens when you trace over the reading wells on popular news sites? Check the results of our eye-trap readability study.

      Join the discussion: We’ll host an ongoing discussion of readability on the web on Twitter with the hashtag #readme. More on that discussion here.

      How you can join the conversation

      SND would like to invite you to join our Year-Long Conversation, a 365 day experiment about all things news design that starts today. The Conversation headquarters is right here on snd.org where we’ll post essays, discussions, images, files to share and news of other ways the conversation will date place on social media and at events and meet-ups.

      Here is what we have to get the conversation started:

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    • Expand your view: Matt Mansfield advocates looking beyond journalism to kick off your 2012 design thinking. Click here to read more.
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      In 2012 SND will host a Year-Long Conversation about all things news design. The conversation will take place on the site and at various events around the world.

      To kick start one part of that effort, we are on the hunt for five visual journalists who wish to take part in a 2012 experiment: We are looking for people who want to learn and improve themselves in the coming year and we want to document it.

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