Indiana University students and faculty hard at work on Best of News Design book

Papers and books crowd Indiana University lecturer Steve Layton’s desk. Next to where he sits is last year’s Society for News Design hardcover, Best of News Design. Under it is the 2011 book, and under that are the printed pages that will become the 2013 edition. It’s the 34th year of existence for the book, but it’s IU’s first year to design it.

What to expect at the Best of News Design judging

On Friday, a bevy of visual journalists will come to Syracuse University to help with the Society for News Design’s annual creative competition. Some will judge the competition, but many students and professionals will help as “facilitators.” It’s a tough job, but one that comes with incredible learning opportunities and gives everyone involved a wealth of inspiration. Last year we asked judging veteran Andrea Zagata to write this guide for first-time facilitators. She’s coming back, and so is this post, because it’s full of common-sense tips on what to pack — and what to expect — if you are also coming to SND34. Even if you aren’t coming, she gives great insight into the type of things that go on over this weekend.

Also, check all weekend and Monday for live coverage of both the Best of News Design and the World’s Best Newspaper competitions. For the first time, both competitions will be judged simultaneously.