Show and tell: Students, professionals get hands-on prototyping experience with SNDMakes

What happens when you combine print and digital designers on projects? A new sense of community.

SNDMakes gives students and professionals the opportunity to work together to build prototypes. At SNDMakes 2015, the projects involved community leadership, diversifying networks and drawing communities together.

“It’s kind of like a kick ball league for people that like to make prototypes together,”said Miranda Mulligan, a news design veteran and digital specialist and co-director of SNDMakes.

At Saturday’s session, five design teams from SNDMakes 2015 presented their prototypes.

Chris Coyier of Codepen first spoke of his prototype “Cultivate,” which is an interface for “unearthing community leaders.”

Josh Kadis with Alley Interactive next spoke about his team’s prototype “Converge,” which helps bring people interested in community causes together. He also documented the day-to-day experience of building the prototype.

Sisi Wei of ProPublica gave insight to her team’s prototype, “Writings on the Wall,” which was based on “How do you build a community around games?” Her team created a game kit, called Argyle,  that would allow a community of people to post comments on a wall, then react to those comments with “post-it” emoticons. This project was tangible instead of digital.

“People love games, so the reaction to this prototype was very positive,” Wei said.

Team Corona Heights presented its prototype, Clips, an online database for print and digital news design.  You can distribute news design work as well as share ideas in one graphical browsing interface.

Rebekah Monson of The New Tropic presented team Twin Peaks’ prototype called Babbage. The team’s prototype is a way to help managers find diverse candidates outside their existing networks. It helps connect people in the news design community that might not otherwise meet.

SNDMakes has held events in Austin, Chicago, New York and San Francisco recently. Find out more about the events here.

“SNDMakes helps the need to connect the two sides of the SND community, it is an event for both our print and digital designers to have something to do together,” Mulligan said.