Leyenda Creativa: Rodrigo Sánchez on thinking outside the type box

Metropoli’s art director, Rodrigo Sánchez, continued his keynote presentation from Friday, April 8, taking us inside El Mundo to show that designers can break boundaries when it comes to use of type.

Sánchez plays with type across many mediums, styles, shapes, sizes, colors and orientations. Once a month, El Mundo even allows children to design pages for the publication (including features).

Creative type and design can really lend itself to a great concept.


“Don’t be afraid to be adventurous.





 Sánchez said.

Here’s a look at some of the work El Mundo is producing.


Cover conceptualizing absolute solitude. Illustration of Raul Arias by Luis Martinez.



Cover about how new tactics are getting children to enjoy math.



Cover for “Portraits After the Crisis”