KEYNOTE: Change is inevitable, so here is how to cope

Managing director Bryan Walker and designer Zena Barakat at award-winning design firm IDEO, ended SNDSF with a question for every news designer in the room: Since change is inevitable, what should we do?

In the speech, they mentioned what changes media organizations have faced and what we can do to cope with the changes.

Walker and Barakat stress that “change is happening.” News designers can’t design for their audience because their audience is bypassing news websites for social media and bigger platforms, such as Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and Google. Also, many news organizations, like The Boston Globe, are changing strategies to seek financial sustainability. These changes are critical.

While change is scary, it can also be beautiful, said Barakat. Changes push people to be innovative and experimental. A few news organizations have tried a new path. Pop-Up Magazine is a great example. It adopts a unique way of live storytelling on stage. If you miss the event, you miss the story. Most recently, Pop-up Magazine has provided its audience a photo story service. You can call a number to get stories. How innovative!

With increasing changes ahead, news organizations need to take innovative initiatives, as do news designers. According to Barakat, there is one thing that news designers need to keep in mind: “Designers don’t just design things, they design the organization to deliver the things.”

In the end, they gave the audience advice for better organization design:

advice 1

advice 2

advice 3