Unconscious bias of design: Diversity is a helpful thing

An Asian woman who designs for the first online coding bootcamp of the world, an African American man who smiles everyday working and leading design teams for Facebook, and a son of an immigrant who illustrates for Time magazine spoke of the responsibility that comes with being a designer in regards to diversity (and lack thereof) at the 38th Annual Workshop of the Society of News Design.

Sanny Lin – @sannylin

“The little details matter and people outside of the design community do notice it. We have the power to make changes and we shouldn’t just talk it … we have to do it”, said the 24-year-old product designer at Bloc, who just celebrated one year at the company.

Tory Hargro – @toryhargro

“When it comes to diversity you can only get so far by looking at a persons skin. What we most do is look into the diversity of their experiences”, said the 36-year-old Product Design Manager of Facebook.

Martin Gee – @ohmgee

“Diversity is a good thing, and it makes money because it makes a better product. We tell stories about experiences of not a just person, but of many”, said the 44-year-old senior art director of TIME.