Rodrigo Sánchez: A lifetime of achievement

Rodrigo Sánchez delivers the keynote for #SNDSF Student Day this afternoon at the San Francisco Chronicle office.

In 2014, the Society for News Design awarded Sánchez the Lifetime Achievement prize, for two decades of spectacular magazine cover design.

Starting in the 1990s, Sánchez was part of a wave of Spanish design that reinvigorated global news presentation. At the time, SND noted that as art director of La Luna de Metrópoli, the weekly supplement of Madrid’s El Mundo, “Sánchez has carved a vision of bold illustration and humorous double-takes on art and pop culture, always offering a fresh, intelligent look, a wide range of languages, and extensive knowledge of graphic design history.”

In just one spectacular year, 36 of the 52 Metrópoli covers earned awards at the SND judging.

“His work is both powerful and beautiful,” said consultant Lucie Lacava. “Controversial, ironic, conceptual or typographic, his covers never cease to surprise and amaze.”

Follow La Luna de Metrópoli at @LunaMetropoli. Sánchez’ Twitter handle is @rodrigosansan.