Meet the students of #SNDSF

This year’s SND Student Day is full of talented and bright young minds. Get to know some of the students that attended today’s event.

Lexi Rodgers

“I’m really excited about getting my portfolio reviewed by nice, professional people. I really want to do some networking, learn how I can make my designs better (as well as) see what other people are doing and how design is evolving.”
Travel Grant recipient Lexi Rodgers. She’s a senior publication design major at Ohio University.


“I haven’t been to an SND event before. Meeting more people in this community is going to be really cool.”
Alex Duner, junior journalism major at Northwestern University


“I’m really excited to meet a lot of people in the profession and getting my portfolio reviewed.  I think this is going to be very beneficial to me.”
Sierra Therrien, senior journalism graphics major at Ball State University


“I came because I want show journalists in my country that design and journalism can mix together. “
Jose Manuel “Cote” Vilches, senior at Pontificia Universidad de Chile