SND Ignite talks

After a boisterous introduction at #SNDDC, we’re bringing lightning (or ignite) talks back to the SND Workshop this year in San Francisco. Do you want to get the most out of your conference/time ratio? Dig being exposed to lots of different facets of creativity and design at ? Maybe you have a short attention span or a dose of ADHD? We’ve got you covered.
Ignite talks will explore topics including (but not limited to): illustrating your fears; 22 methods to illustrate a story; 10 reasons print design just won’t die; we’ll talk about unusual typefaces for news design and why it’s important to check out your local letterpress shop; we’ll hear from design mega-stars talking about how they’ve applied creativity and design to their hobbies with great results; we’ll have a number of international snapshots and so much more.
We’ve enlisted a superb array of experts — international consultants, professionals, educators, innovators, entrepreneurs, Bay Area startup types, and so many others to share their insightful, instructional, quirky and inspirational talks.
In 5 minute intervals, speakers will present 20 slides, auto-advanced every 15 seconds. Don’t dig a topic? no sweat — sit tight and the channel will change for you in mere minutes. You’ll literally get an entire day’s-worth of conferencing in less than 90 minutes. Then you can go enjoy San Francisco. But this is THE ONE session you don’t want to skip at SNDSF. We promise.
Confirmed speakers include:
Matt Martel, Fairfax Media (Australia)
Josh Kadis, Alley Interactive
Darren Sanefski, University of Mississippi
Julie Elman, Ohio University
Kyle Ellis, Society for News Design
Denise Reagan, MOCA Jacksonville
Pete Mortensen, Matter
Lars Pryds, Tolstrup Pryds Graphics
Reed Reibstein, American City Business Journals
Chris Coyier and Miranda Mulligan, CodePen
Lucie Lacava (aka @lulucrezia), Lacava Design
Stephanie Grace Lim, Design ninja
Jen Cotton, Twitter
(… but we have a few aces up our sleeves still, so watch for updates and changes — ignite talks are nothing if not nimble, adjustable and ever-changing 😃 )
— Session curated and moderated by Steve Dorsey, Austin American-Statesman (@dorsey)
#protip: there WILL be at least one notable giveaway item — that you must be present to win.
Official hashtag: #SNDignite
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