Designing for everybody

Design paradigms and tooling is changing so fast. In our race to keep pace, let us not forget the need to ensure out experiences are accessible to all. First I’ll make a case for both the ethical and legal requirements of accessibility. Next, we’ll cover the current challenges in providing accessible interfaces for those with mobility, vision, hearing, and speaking impairments. Finally, we’ll make tweaks to existing SND Best of Digital award winners to improve the accessible experience.

Dave Stanton

Dave Stanton runs development teams building mobile projects with Mobiquity. Currently he is the manager of the Gainesville delivery center and the senior manager of tools, process and IP. He completed his Ph.D. at the University of Florida using stochastic models to understand user-interface behavior and cognition. He frequently presents at international conferences on the topics of usability, design thinking and mobile accessibility. He talks about workflow, design, HCI and cats on Twitter.