.@jenniferdaniel showing Businessweek: The Movie (sort of). Find it here--> http://t.co/P47IStjS1R #snd35 #sndu

via Twitter February 7

made a CMYK ace of clubs for an @snd vegas deck of cards a few years ago (actual card was full bleed too): http://t.co/QHvrGCAN5l

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Great Q&A on #infographics via @SND. http://t.co/aPPxKlqfMF

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Today's stock photo find. http://t.co/8IVyrv3dMm

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My latest installment of cover story for @SND featuring @atlantamagazine http://t.co/V94cx9SXlb

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2. How awesome is @SND .org these days. Can read about these things in the moment. Great job folks! MT @nytimes http://t.co/rWzUfVozvl

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#sndlou #hacktucky judges picking a winner.

via ryanwesley29 November 16

Taking down the sign

via cmihal November 15

This shows 100% what @SND is about! I love it so much! Great job!RT @spencerholladay: #sndlou video by @ellen_collier http://t.co/qRUQuKVlYx

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RT @18wheelsoflove: Trying to bring my @mangle down easy now that #sndlou is over. http://t.co/neC36XiXZE

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Do you like bourbon? Well the nerds at @sndlou built something rad for you. #hacktucky http://t.co/s0cQptFnZV Nice, y'all!

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What a wonderful weekend in Louisville with @societyfornewsdesign -- so much inspiration and advice, including this bit from Jon Hill

via ckan3 November 11

#Oaxaca #Mexico. Late afternoon rains come this time of year. I have shot in Oaxaca for over 25 years in this most amazing Mexican state. Photo by @davidalanharvey

via National Geographic November 11

Thank you @SND for LOU2013. Touched down back in London. You need to get more Brits in the club! Holler if I can help. Roll on Frankfurt.

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I like big bats and I can not lie. #louisville

via Chris Courtney November 10

Look who I slept walked into at the airport. The man sleeps with a pencil behind his ear.

via Jennifer Daniel November 10

A fab event it was! Speaking at @SNDlou as Coverjunkie & artdirector @Volkskrant Magazine. Now heading home (snif) @SND

via coverjunkie November 10

Many thanks to @snd for helping me get to #sndlou through a travel grant. I loved every second of this weekend!

via Twitter November 10

Adios, #sndlou crew. Thanks to @ryanwesley29, @rob_schneider and many more for a smart workshop. See you in Frankfurt next year!

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Lifetime achievement winner Harris Siegel addresses the @sndlou audience.

via michaelwhitley November 10

Things have taken a turn @sndlou

via michaelwhitley November 10

Note: SNDLOU has killed a bottle of Malört. #sndlou

via Kenney Marlatt November 10

#sndlou #worldsbest

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Hey - I have a good idea. Let's bring a sword to the bar. #sndlou

via Ryan Sparrow November 10

I feel 10 lbs lighter - and no I just didn't leave the restroom. Thank you so much @SND!

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Harris Siegel! @SND legend at #sndlou for lifetime achievement award.

via tgafkas November 9

See you in Frankfurt for SND '14! #snd #sndlou

via SND November 9

Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Harris Siegel, "the Kevin Bacon of news design," was honored by friends and colleagues at the #sndlou closing ceremony. #overwhelming!

via SND November 9

Had a great time at #sndlou this weekend with the OU crew! @liv_rain3 @wendalyng @rachelkeaveny @_kaitrich @viscomohiou

via emsauce29 November 9

It's all over except the early flight home. Go to bed. #sndlou

via Mike Rice November 9

Award time! #worldsbest #sndlou #thegridto

via twowysekids November 9

Far worse ways to spend a Saturday night. Thanks @snd. #sndlou

via Chris Courtney November 9

Phil Ritzenberg takes the stage at #sndlou

via Mike Rice November 9

Game time. #sndlou

via Mike Rice November 9

Speaking about #bloombergbusinessweek in past tense makes me miss you guys. #sndlou

via Jennifer Daniel November 9

Ready for the #hactucky judging! Go teams! #sndlou

via Joey Marburger November 9

Louisville sunset #nofilter #sndlou #baseball

via Matt Mansfield November 9

With Hacktucky #sndlou nears its end

via Lee Steele November 9

#hacktucky judges about to announce winners w @courierjournal editor @neilbudde #sndlou http://t.co/S7TTFer4GX

via Twitter November 9

Thank you @designhawg for making #hacktucky happen. Thank you. #sndlou

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What's next? #hacktucky organizer @designhawg talks taking reigns and being intentional about the future #sndlou http://t.co/d6I7JQgij8

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And that was #hacktucky. So glad I came along for the ride. http://t.co/J0eP8ZuHyC

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Maybe you were wondering the same thing? One #hacktucky team at #sndlou came up w/ this: http://t.co/JTJptfB3DJ

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Most brilliant thing at Hacktucky. http://t.co/7UVu8DxOr7.

via Twitter November 9

Awaiting the judges' decisions on #Hacktucky winner. #sndlou

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Impressive to see what #hacktucky teams have created in less than 24 hours: products that could ship. #sndlou

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Students (including VisCommers), educators and professionals in the industry take a tour of the Gannett Design Studio in Louisville, Ky., during the Society for News Design Workshop weekend. #viscomohiou #ohiou #sndlou #gannettdesignstudio

via VisCom at Ohio U November 9

"You mean, would we do this again? No. No, probably not." Brian Gross on the WaPo's epic Nationals-season-in-review doubletruck. #sndlou

via Tim Ball November 9
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