SND is pleased to offer corporate memberships in the United States and Canada beginning in 2014. A North American corporate membership in SND costs $500 and includes:

• Up to six members from one organization — a savings of $160, based on a $110 individual membership.
• Three copies of the SND annual and any other SND publications (sent to the corporate contact), and access for all corporate members to the member area of
• An organization wanting additional memberships will be charged $75/per person, and will receive an extra annual for three additional members.
• Each named member from the membership organization will be eligible for discounts for SND activities and events, including the Annual Workshop & Exhibition, Quick Courses and the Best of Digital Design, as well as any future discounts.
• Corporate members are eligible to serve as board members.

When you check out, you’ll be prompted to enter the names, titles and email addresses of the corporate members.

$500 for up to six members

For additional members (beyond six)

$75 for each additional corporate member beyond six (6)

Questions? Contact [email protected]


Gigi I have read most of the comments and I have to say that you hit the nail on the head. Iv spent 10 years living with major stress, OCD, depression, anxiety, insomnia and psychosis all due to these “lint bugs” iv had environmental health, pest control and have spent thousands on pesticides and treatments. Iv blamed scabies, dust mites, fox mites, bird mites, rats, mice, squirrels and spiders. The list is endless. Crawling under my clothes then finding a fuzz ball then I get a rash. Yesterday I found a carpet beetle crawling out of a washing pile. I know I have caused rashes by using any possible cure I could find. The more I obsessed over it the worse it got. Iv even put myself into a mental health unit for 9 months and until yesterday I was ready to go back in there. I have a condition called pompholyx and I assumed things were burrowing into me, I also have rhinitis so any particle up my nose makes my thrust feel like it’s closing. It’s all simply in the mind and iv always known that I just couldn’t accept it because of my bodies reactions but that is psychosis. Bobbles happen on clothes and they come off when your wearing them. Carpet beetle larvae are fuzzy and they pick up lint as they move around. Please people try and be logical because my life has been hell I even lost custody of my children for a while. I am in no way belittling anyone or their stories but I can say I get a hundred bites a day and like being jabbed with a pin anywhere random on my body and it will look like a bite. It’s actually the nervous system breaking down because your immune system is so low from stress and worry and wanting to prove that you can’t be wrong. I wish u all well with these battles but don’t waste your lives on them. Iv lost 10 years and more dignity and money than i want to admit. Jo

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