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Montgomery County Government, Office of the County Council Published: November 2, 2020
Rockville, Maryland
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The Montgomery County Council is seeking a Multi-media Visual Information Specialist for graphic design, video production and social media. This is professional media work in the Council's Communication Office designing, producing and publicizing public policy information in digital, video and printed formats. The position involves video production focused on graphics, informational graphics and social media. These products are used to produce videotaped and live television programs. Television segments and social media posts are used to educate the public about the missions, operations, policies, programs, services and messages of the legislative branch of Montgomery County for dissemination to the public or County employees. The ability to interpret public policy issues into easily understandable graphic formats is essential.

The position also involves the production of videotaped and live television programs, including live and prerecorded podcasts, broadcast type closed circuit tele-conferences and other productions such as PowerPoint presentations and slide shows. Television is used to communicate public information to the audience to assist with education, to disseminate information to professional groups and residents, and to document operations. Government use of television ranges from news features, public service announcements, documentation of public hearings and interactive media productions including informational video segments and programs.

Duties include video production, designing and producing informational graphics for the public in digital, video and printed formats, producing daily social media posts,creating graphic designs for social media campaigns, television productions and community outreach activities. This includes working with the video production team on video graphics needed for shows focused on public education about public policy issues and County programs. The successful candidate will design and produce digital and print materials in multiple languages with translation assistance for video segments and social media posts.

Products include, but are not limited to, a wide range of video taped and live broadcast programs related to the mission of the legislative branch, social media content, video content, graphics, posters, photos, slides, brochures, pamphlets, banners, signs, report covers, videos and website pages. Videographer and photography services are also required to capture quality, attractive, clear and creative video for use on social media, in news, magazine-style and studio productions aired on the county government cable channel, provides to other news channels and in public service announcements. The visual information provided is as diverse in content and audience as the County's functions, operations, and demography.

This position requires the ability to attend meetings or perform work at locations outside of the office as well as knowledge of a wide range of public policy issues. This position requires a strong proficiency in multi-tasking and the ability to work under extremely tight deadlines.

The ability to speak and write in a second language is preferred but not required.

If selected for consideration for this position, you may be required to provide evidence that you possess the knowledge, skills, and abilities indicated on your resume.

Minimum Qualifications
Experience: Three (3) years of professional experience in audio-video television production is required.

Education: Graduation from an accredited college or university with a Bachelor's Degree in Television Communications and Media Productions or related field.

Equivalency: An equivalent combination of education and experience may be substituted.

Preferred Criteria
There are no preferred criteria for this position. Applicants meeting the minimum qualifications will be placed on the eligible list with a rating of Qualified.

Selection for interview will be based on the following criteria:

  1. Video Production
  2. Graphic Design
  3. Social Media
  4. Design and production of digital print and video information
  5. Content creation for diverse cultures
  6. Community engagement

Applicants may be required to provide a writing sample and/or share their portfolio.

Individuals interested MUST apply at:

Additional Employment Information
OHR reviews the minimum qualifications of all applicants, irrespective of whether the candidate has previously been found to have met the minimum requirements for the job or been temporarily promoted to the same position. This evaluation is based solely on the information contained in the application/resume submitted for this specific position/IRC.

Montgomery County Government is an equal opportunity employer, committed to workforce diversity. Accordingly, as it relates to employment opportunities, the County will provide reasonable accommodations to applicants with disabilities, in accordance with the law. Applicants requiring a reasonable accommodation for any part of the application and hiring process should contact the Office of Human Resources via email to [email protected] Individual determinations on requests for reasonable accommodation will be made in accordance with all applicable laws.

Montgomery County Government also provides hiring preference to certain categories of veterans and veterans/persons with a disability. For more information and to claim employment preference, please refer to the Careers webpage on Hiring Preference.

All applicants will respond to a series of questions related to their education, relevant experience, knowledge, skills and abilities required to minimally perform the job. The applicant's responses in conjunction with his/her resume and all other information provided in the employment application process will be evaluated to determine the minimum qualifications and preferred criteria status. Based on the results, the highest qualified applicants will be placed on an Eligible List and may be considered for an interview. Employees meeting minimum qualifications who are the same grade will be placed on Eligible List as a "Lateral Transfer" candidate and may be considered for interview.