Bigtime Colour Immersion Therapy

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Bigtime Colour Immersion Therapy

In a world altered forever by the Covid-19 virus, it’s important for our emotional wellbeing to continue to find joy when we can, to laugh, to learn and to share what we love. I LOVE colour, and after seeing so many wonderful rainbow displays in our windows throughout the UK (in praise + support of our NHS, National Health System), I thought it would be nice to explore how each one of those colours of the rainbow influences our daily lives in art and in words, in our cultures, in our homes, our dress, our music, our moods and more….The act and art of creating offers pathways into our emotional interior and using colour is one way to express oneself more fully. And sometimes in the right situation, colour can bring the subconscious out into the conscious mind. Designing with colour is a visceral experience!  

For This Hands-On Session You Will Need:

First, unless you have a HUGE phone, the workshop experience will be better with a BIG screen, just saying….
  1. A few sheets of A4 paper (US letter) printer paper or drawing paper or watercolour, whatever paper you want to use
  2. Markers in black and bold colours to show up on the Zoom screen
  3. Paint if you like, but no water, don’t want to murder your keyboard or laptop in the process
  4. You can draw with a drawing app if you are a totally digitally-minded creative.


Session Takeaways

By the end of this session, you will be able to:

  1. To feel much more confident in their use of colour, that it is a language all its own that can communicate ideas and feelings
  2. They have a working knowledge of how to self-regulate with colour therapy
  3. They feel inspired and creatively jump-started 
They learned from the group sharing of ideas
  4. They have created something as a keepsake of the first-ever online SND


Who Should Attend This Session

Everyone because we use colour in our design and communication work in ALL mediums, in our homes, in our dress, in our food, in our food, inour lives!


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September 26, 2020 11:00am September 26, 2020 12:30pm
Deborah Withey