Leadership Workshop: Becoming a Better Leader for Yourself and Your Team

Leadership Workshop: Becoming a Better Leader for Yourself and Your Team

Leadership Workshop: Becoming a Better Leader for Yourself and Your Team

Are you a leader of a non-profit or for-profit organization? What about a government agency or department? A media organization where you are looking to challenge yourself and build stronger relationships amongst your team?

The Society for News Design is excited to announce a pre-workshop event specifically created for managers and leaders of all organizations as part of SND’s Annual Conference and Workshop, SNDDC .

Whether you’re a new manager or one with years of experience, this workshop promises to make you a better leader. We’ll have conversations with visual leaders in media/communications industry and look at ways to challenge yourself and your team, how to run a successful project and what new technology you should be reading up on.

Plus, we’ll help you find ways to better relationships with your peers and your department. And, we’ll talk self-care: how do we maintain 50-hour workweeks with no time for ourselves. Bring your problems (and we’ll help with solutions).

Registration for the event does not require attendance to SNDDC and is open to all managers and leaders, regardless of your industry.

Registration opens below on Monday, February 10, 2020.

When: Friday, April 3 , 2020
Location: TBD
Cost: $75

Schedule (subject to change)

8:30 am: Doors open

Ann Gerhart
, Washington Post senior editor, interviews a DC leader about how to strengthen working with others in the newsroom. Plus, Dian Holton, AARP art director talks in a Q/A with Suzette Moyer, senior design editor of the Washington Post.

10:15 am: SELF CARE
Take a 10 minutes yoga stretch with instructor Aly Morris, also a features designer the Chicago Tribune. Then spend time talking with an expert on about how to mentally care for yourself and your team.

Elite Truong
, deputy editor Strategic Initiatives at the Washington Post, talks about effectively overseeing a big project. Plus, audience participation on how you manage your own projects with moderation from Jessica Parker Gilbert, senior director, product and experience at McClatchy

11:30 pm: WHAT’S NEXT
Ted Irvine
, VP at Inman Group. Jessica Parker Gilbert, Senior director, product and experience McClatchy on how to improve your own growth.

LUNCH: Conversations and problem-solving.

Emmet Smith, creative director of National Geographic, skypes with Scott Dadich, award-winning designer and editor, and Emmy-nominated filmmaker. Plus, audience participation on how you challenge yourself and others.

Design director Greg Manifold shows some award-winning projects from The Washington Post.

1:45 pm: WRAPUP


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