Type Workshop: Visual Strategy to Build Trust

Type Workshop: Visual Strategy to Build Trust

Type Workshop: Visual Strategy to Build Trust

Journalists are faced with distrust. It’s time for visual strategy.

A story pops into your news feed. Where’s it from? How can you tell? What are the visual cues that show expertise and care behind the reporting? Does it look just like everything else?

In these days of mounting distrust, journalists need to emphasize credibility. An initial impression matters. Typography, design and presentation equal brand, no matter where a story might surface.

As more of the news we consume comes through platforms like Twitter and Apple, it’s fair to ask what we might do to better brand news sources.

A new initiative kicks off on Saturday, April 4 with expert views on typography, design and audience strategy. We’ll hear from specialists in behavioral psychology, newsroom leadership, social media and community engagement with new ideas about the perceptions of our news audiences. And, we’ll test new ideas to see how story presentation is perceived and what can we do to earn trust.

The Society for News Design is committed to developing trust in media through a year of new research, discussion and innovative visual strategy. Join Roger Black and Sara Quinn for this special day-long session at the SND Workshop in DC. Then, follow along as new ideas develop.

Registration opens below on Monday, February 10, 2020.

When: Saturday, April 4, 2020
Location: TBD
Cost: $75
Host: Roger Black, facilitated by Sara Quinn

Schedule subject to change.

9:00 am: Doors open, Coffee +

9:45 am: Welcome from Roger Black, Introductions, Overview

10:00 am: Publishing News Across Platforms Means Earning Trust Across Platforms

10:30 am: NYT, WaPo and Others: Concerted Efforts at Branding for Credibility

11:15 am: Panel Discussion

Noon: A Working Lunch, in groups to brainstorm ideas

1:30 pm: Sharing Ideas

2:15 pm: What We Know About How People Read, Kevin Larson

3 pm: What Do We Need to Know, Now?

4 pm: End of the session … Happy Hour, Anyone?


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