SND 2020 – Virtual Conference

SND is the world’s largest gathering of highly engaged visual journalists who are shaping the future of news and technology. We anticipate hosting more than 300 media executives, creative directors, agency leaders, editors, designers, photographers, product managers, technologists, educators, innovators and all types of design professionals and students, from around the globe.

September 18 - October 1 in Worldwide


What sparks collaboration? How do different crafts work together to tell stories? When should the design of visual information be explanatory and when should it be exploratory? SND 2020 will incubate those discussions and inspire answers, all with the goal of practical applications. Our goal is to help you know what to learn, how to sharpen your expertise and find ways to grow your professional networks.

Informational Graphics and Data Storytelling
Informational Graphics and Data Storytelling
Building Communities
Building Communities
Future of Newsrooms
Future of Newsrooms
Traditional Design Medium
Traditional Design Medium
Want to Speak at SND 2020?
With our shift to a virtual conference, SND is looking for some creative and innovative sessions to add to our lineup. We love to share tips, tricks, best practices, inspiring and innovative solutions with our attendees. Submit a your session pitch to us.
Visual Storytelling Tools
Visual Storytelling Tools
Experience Design
Experience Design
Photography, Illustrations & Visuals
Photography, Illustrations & Visuals
We are continuing to add speakers to our line-up. Check back soon for more.
Susan Finkelpearl
UX Design & Strategy
Anjali Singhvi
Information Graphics
Janay Kingsberry
Digital Engagement
Jamila Robinson
Matt Wuerker
Sisi Wei
Data Visualization


SND 2020 is open to everyone in the visual storytelling community.

Current SND members receive a member rate. You will be required to be logged into your SND account to apply the member rate. If you are having issue accessing your SND account, or feel there is an error in your membership status, please contact Paige K. Connor or Tiffany Shackelford.

If you are not currently a SND member and would like to become one, sign up for an SND membership and then complete your registration.



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SND Members


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Take the opportunity to present your brand to the world’s leading visual communicators. The annual workshop is one of the largest SND events each year — and it is a perfect place to connect with leaders pushing journalism and information design forward in the digital age.


Q: What if I previously registered for SNDDC before it was postponed?
A: All registered SNDDC attendees should have received an email about your options. If not, please reach out to Paige K. Connor.

Q: Why is the workshop over such a long period?
A: Each day of the virtual conference will only have 2-4 sessions, allowing attendees to engage without digital fatigue. This will also allow us to add additional timely sessions of interest.

Q: What time of day will the conference be?
A: It will vary from day to day to allow maximum participation from participants all over the world.

Q: What if I miss a session?
A: We will be recording all of the sessions.

Q: Will I need a special technical set-up to be in the virtual conference?
A: We will use common web-based tools. The attendees will not incur additional technology costs.

Q: Will I be onscreen?
A: We miss seeing all of you! While we encourage attendees to use the video option, there will be an option to not have your camera on at all times.

Q: When will the schedule and costs be announced?
A: We are looking to announce the speakers in early August and the schedule shortly after that, though tentative to change. Registration will open later next week and costs will be available then.

Q: Why is the virtual conference so much less?
A: We know that high conference and travel fees mean not everyone can join us. This is just the first step to bring our professional development sessions to as many news and information organizations as possible.

Q: What are you looking for in session pitches?
A: Be as creative or expansive as you’d like. We love new ideas. We love to share tips, tricks, best practices, inspiring and innovative solutions but most important, we want to know what you are doing, how you are doing it and share it with our worldwide community. Sessions will be short, about 30 minutes each, so make sure you can share everything you want in that time.

Q: When will I know if my pitch was selected?
A: Our panel will review pitches shortly after the deadline and will contact those who submitted pitches. Please make sure all of your contact information is correct on submission. If we can not reach you, we can not use your pitch.

Q: How can I be involved in SND 2020 besides pitching a session?
A: Yes!!! We are eager to have you in any way you can join us. What do you love to do? Bring us your talent and passion and we will find a great outlet for your time and energy.

If you want to help, let us know. We will be work to get you involved as much or as little as you can give. Contact Paige K. Connor if you are interested.

Q: How can I sponsor the SND virtual workshop?
A: We love our sponsors and those that support our organization and our commitment to continual education and professional development. If you are interested in sponsoring our virtual conference, please contact Tiffany Shackelford.