Tiny Frames: Mobile-First Design Inside of Breaking News

Breaking News, a stand-alone startup inside of NBC News Digital, is known for fast innovative news reporting, but also for fast innovative apps. Get a peek at their process, from wireframe to production, with Senior UX Designer Martin McClellan. Find out why every mockup starts in a tiny frame.

Martin McClellan

Senior UX Designer, Breaking News


Martin is a designer and writer. He’s been working on the web since the mid 90s. At Breaking News, he’s the primary designer working on all expressions of the product: web, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Windows 8.

His writing includes some non-fiction (a brief column for Mcsweeney’s on the history of typography may be of interest for this audience), but his main interest is in writing novels. [His first, California Four O'Clock, is being released on Kickstarter.]

He lives in Seattle with his wife, an illustrator and designer, and their young son.