The Design-o-Scope: Amy Webb’s Predictions for the Future of News Design

Futurist and Webbmedia Group founder Amy Webb shared her take on the future of news design during her SNDDC keynote talk at the Newseum on Friday.

Here’s the Design-o-Scope (our aesthetic-minded twist on a horoscope) for things that news organizations and designers should keep an eye out for going forward, as distilled down from Webb’s talk:

  • Art and science need to make friends. As a designer, you have a responsibility to understand technology.

  • Design for people, not machines.  Incorporate people’s behavior and psychology into your creative considerations.
Photo by Jennifer-Leigh Oprihory
Photo by Jennifer-Leigh Oprihory
  • Timing is everything: Don’t jump the gun, procrastinate until it’s too late or fall for the flashiest technology.
  • Get a handle on haptics  by usingdesign that incorporates a touch-based sensory experience.
  • Use #FOMO and a desire for intimate human contact to your advantage. No one wants to be the last to know or the only one not invited to the party, so use these as tools to entice your audience.
  • Learn how to adapt. Create intuitive experiences that understand individual audience members. Take some of the load off of the user by organizing information and making app interactions relevant and useful.
  • Make peace with math. Algorithmic design can be used to calm the stormiest of editorial demands, by taking a wide range of design demands into account and arranging design layout accordingly.

-Jennifer-Leigh Oprihory