The Art of Crossing Boundaries at NPR

Seeking inspiration beyond your area of expertise is a tried-and-true method for coming up with new ideas, but the direct application of inspiration from far-flung sources can be difficult to pull off. From miscommunication to the inertia of established practices, impediments to new and unconventional approaches abound. In this session, we hope to challenge conventions and discuss how we apply ideas and techniques from disparate disciplines to the practice of digital design. From filmmaking to audio documentary, we hope to have a lively discussion about how to cross boundaries in your work and live to tell about it.

Claire O’Neill

Visual Producer/Editor, NPR


Claire O’Neill studied history and French, and has been a visual producer/editor at the NPR headquarters since 2009. She started on what was then the “multimedia” team, running a visual blog, reporting, and producing videos. She began collaborating with designer Wes Lindamood on web-native stories in 2012; they have both been working on the NPR Visuals team since its formation in 2013, and recently created a series called “Look At This.” NPR Visuals is a small team of designers, coders and photographers that builds apps and produces web docs like the Emmy-award winning “Planet Money Makes A T-Shirt.” O’Neill has also co-published a ridiculous food zine — and produces a joke podcast. She encourages you to tell her a joke.

THE SND INTERVIEW: Q+A with Wesley Lindamood and Claire O’Neill

Wesley Lindamood

Senior Interaction Designer, NPR


Wesley Lindamood is a senior interaction designer at NPR, and a documentary film and music obsessed dad. Drawing upon his background in visual design, journalism and front-end development, he helps build editorially-focused interactives and product-focused experiences for Prior to joining NPR, Wesley held lead design positions at USA Today, Congressional Quarterly and Chemical & Engineering News magazine.

THE SND INTERVIEW: Q+A with Wesley Lindamood and Claire O’Neill