SND: A Status Report

It’s been an exciting year.

The Society For News Design has incubated ambitious future-forward programming like SNDMakes, the facilitated design-a-thon. We have rethought stalwarts like this gathering, our 37th annual workshop, for a new age of journalism. And we have expanded training, with hands-on skill and craft classes around the world.

In the meantime, we continue to honor the best from our creative community on all platforms with the Best of News Design, both as celebration and signpost. The awards are a way for the Society to set a high bar for visual explanation in an increasingly crowded media landscape.

So what’s ahead? Hear from SND’s leadership about the awesome now and the excellent future. We’ll update you on the business outlook for the Society and seek your guidance on the year ahead.

Most importantly, we hope you stay involved. We’re in this together.