On Starting Something

Discussing the intersection of editorial and technology at Vox.com, which has quickly become known for its ambitious product launches.

Melissa Bell

Co-Founder and Executive Editor, Vox.com


Melissa Bell co-founded Vox.com in early 2014 and became the first person at Vox Media to hold both a technology and editorial title as Senior Product Manager and Executive Editor for Vox.com. Prior to Vox, Melissa oversaw digital platforms at The Washington Post. She was also one of The Post’s most-read bloggers and a columnist for the Style section. Before joining The Post, she helped launch Mint, a Wall Street Journal subsidiary in India, where she lived for four years. She hails from San Diego, California and makes a mean banana-and-cheese quesadilla.

Yuri Victor

Designer, Vox Media


Yuri Victor is a designer at Vox Media. He spends most of his time in the Vox newsroom melding design, programming, and journalism to help journalists tell stories. He’s worked in almost every newsroom role (reporter, editor, page designer, photographer) and in multiple departments (editorial, IT, marketing, advertising) and even had a stint pushing 600 pound rolls of paper around the pressroom. He most recently worked at The Washington Post where he helped introduce a new CMS and worked on some cool projects: The Grid, Liveblog, Know More and Truth Teller. He also sometimes helps build stuff for ONA and SND and contributes to open source projects like WordPress.