Vox’s Ezra Klein and Yuri Victor Keynote Final Day

The first keynote session between Vox’s Ezra Klein and Yuri Victor focused on the one-year anniversary of Vox.com as well as the importance of reporting the news well for the readers.

“In its first year, Vox is, in its reach, market share, etc, doing really well,” said Klein.

It’s doing well, but it’s far from being a complete success, according to Klein. They’ve only begun to unlock the web’s capacity for persistence.

“If one year from today we are not substantially different than we we are now, then we will have failed, not because Vox isn’t good right now or we don’t produce things of value–because we do.”

Additionally, Klein spoke about how Vox is trying to improve in areas media outlets struggle with. Empathy and focusing on what readers want to read not just  what we want to write were focuses.

“The ability to know what resonates with the audience is so important,” said Klein. “Remember that everyone you’re writing about and for is a human being.”