Immersive Journalism: Using Transmedia, VR, Comics and Animation to Boost Engagement

Dan Archer is a unique visual journalist who creates comics to tell all kinds of stories, from investigative to explanatory. As a fellow at the Reynolds Journalism Institute, Archer is exploring transmedia storytelling through the creation of a visual news consultancy, Empathetic Media, that provides services to newsrooms without the in-house expertise or budget to do so for themselves. Platforms include the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset and Unity game engine (for VR and Web apps), as well as interactive webdocs, multimedia graphic journalism pieces and data visualizations. His work has been published by The Guardian, BBC, The Huffington Post, America Public Media and several other outlets.

Dan Archer

Fellow, Reynolds Journalism Institute


Dan Archer is a graphic journalist who uses comics and immersive storytelling to report on human rights issues in situations where video or photographic equipment is inappropriate or, at worst, traumatic for those involved. Archer is a 2014 Reynolds Journalism Institute Fellow and was a 2011 Knight Journalism Fellow at Stanford University, where he also taught non-fiction graphic novel writing 2008-14. His current work explores the crossover of interactive comics with transmedia storytelling and virtual reality, one example of which was the virtual reality reconstruction of the Michael Brown shooting that occurred in Ferguson, Missouri in August 2014. His work has been published by the BBC, CBC, Vice magazine, Fusion, San Francisco Public Press, American Public Media, Truthout and PBS among others.