Human-Centered Design and How We Might Engineer Changes in News Collaboration

Just like ants, designers and editors need to sniff each other’s trail to learn more about each other. True emergence or transformation happens when people aggressively collaborate and the environment facilitates this collaboration.

To build the foundation for adopting new tools and innovative approaches to news, we must design a system that motivates and rewards people for collaboration and transparency. This system must bring neighbors together and create a connectedness between people.

Last year, Reggie Murphy and Laura Cochran, working closely with The American Press Institute, asked: How might we help re-engineer how journalists, technologists and business leaders work more collaboratively together?

In this session, Reggie and Laura will share their human-centered research design used to tackle this problem and the insights gained from the research.

Laura Cochran

User Experience Lead, Condé Nast


Laura is a designer and journalist at heart. Most recently, she joined the platform team at Condé Nast where she works closely with editors at some of your favorite brands — Vanity Fair, Conde Nast Traveler, Epicurious — to design tools that help them deliver best in class consumer applications. She is obsessed with solving the right problem for users. Previously, she was at Digital First Media’s Project Thunderdome, developing the content strategy for lifestyle channels including health, technology, entertainment and travel. She also spent time at Gannett focused on new product development and she is a refugee.

Reggie Murphy

Principal Consultant, Electronic Ink


Reggie Murphy, Ph.D., is Principal Consultant of Research and Strategy at Electronic Ink, where he pursues his passion to understand people’s desires and expectations to design more simple and engaging experiences for them. He is primarily responsible for leading teams in conducting research on business and user needs and applying those insights to Electronic Ink’s design and innovation process. Reggie is a fifteen-plus year consumer behavior and market research veteran, specializing in user experience, design research, human-centered design, ethnography, and quantitative research methods. Prior to joining Electronic Ink, Reggie led the corporate research teams for twelve years at Gannett Co. Inc. Reggie began his career with research and consulting firm, Frank N. Magid Associates.