How The Guardian is Rethinking Its Design Language

Exploring the contours of new forms, as well updates to the classics, with Alex Breuer, creative director at The Guardian. Keeping the craft of good editorial design thinking alive in a world of algorithms, acronyms and complex responsive systems requires attention to the details that define your voice.

Alex Breuer

Creative Director, The Guardian


Alex Breuer is creative director of The Guardian. Working in both digital and print formats, Breuer has worked across a broad range of high-profile brands including The Times, The Financial Times, Esquire and Men’s Health. At The Guardian, Breuer is developing new responsive design and content forms that will not just embody the best of timeless journalistic and editorial design thinking, but also evolve new approaches that seamlessly translate into new technologies. His most recent projects include the innovative responsive layout system for The Times‘ mobile apps. Breuer’s work has been honored by the PPA, SND and SPD.