Everything You Wanted to Know About The Rest of the Newsroom but Were Afraid to Ask

So you’ve mastered data viz, elegant responsive design and are a coding ninja but true success for a news organization requires all departments to be working in sync. Understanding the secret language of the other teams (reporters, editors, audience development, SEO, HR, marketing, etc.) will enable you to design a truly great career and team.

Jessica Yu

Global Head of Visuals, The Wall Street Journal


Jessica Yu is Global Head of Visuals and a Deputy Managing Editor for The Wall Street Journal. In her role, she heads up the graphics, photography, design and interactive teams, whose work spans print and digital. She has worked on everything from breaking news coverage, such as the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight 370, to the design of features sections and apps. Previously, she was based in Hong Kong, running The Wall Street Journal’s Asia visuals team. Jessica is a graduate of Stanford University and enjoys employing journalistically unacceptable filters on photos from her own life on Instagram.