From Data Exploration to Animation

As a data journalist Frédérik Ruys develops the storyboards and processes the data for the animations in the television documentaries called “Netherlands from Above” and is currently working on a third season of this award-winning series. In his presentation, he will share his doubts and fears about the process of data-gathering and storytelling. What were the pitfalls, and how did he overcome privacy and security issues, while sharing information to a broad audience?

Frédérik Ruys

Information designer and datajournalist


Frédérik Ruys works at Nederland van Boven. He’s Director of Vizualism and co-founder of the Dutch Infographic Conferences. Guest-lecturer in visual storytelling. Provides training to news organizations and corporate communication officers. Helps government agencies and NGOs with visual storytelling to address complex issues to the public. But above all loves to learn every day new stuff.