Eyetracking Photojournalism

In an age where images are instantaneous and easily shared around the world, what characteristics make a photograph worth publishing? This major new study on photojournalism gives insight into how people perceive the quality of journalistic photographs — from those taken by seasoned professionals to amateur cellphone images that capture everyday life.

With significant implications for storytellers, journalists and publishing organizations, this research combines eyetrack testing with extensive interviews asking people their thoughts on storytelling, quality, what makes an image memorable and worth sharing.

Sara Quinn

Design and Journalism Consultant/Researcher


A design and journalism consultant and researcher, Sara Quinn is spending one year teaching at Ball State University. She is also an affiliate faculty member for The Poynter Institute where she taught full time for more than a decade. Before that, Sara spent nearly 20 years in newspaper newsrooms, including the Sarasota Herald-Tribune in Florida and at her hometown paper, The Wichita Eagle in Kansas. She has a B.A. from Wichita State University and a master’s in illustration from Syracuse University. She is vice president for the Society for News Design. The large-scale research she has directed on newspaper, tablet and online reading habits has been presented in newsrooms and at universities around the world.