Doubling Down: How The Globe and Mail is Reimagining for the Mobile Age

What do you do when your 12-month plan to reimagine a successful mobile news product suite is cut in half and the revenue targets are quadrupled? This is the challenge The Globe and Mail’s product design team is tackling right now. Craig Saila will share candid observations on how design has helped focus the newspaper company on a series of relaunches scheduled for this April and May.

Craig Saila

Director of Digital Products, The Globe and Mail


Craig Saila specializes in online news media with a unique focus on creating engaging products and user experiences for content-rich sites. In the fall of 2010, he rejoined The Globe and Mail as Director of Digital Products, where he has overseen the development of its digital subscription efforts as well as the creation of its mobile app portfolio.

Prior to that, he lead the web design and development team for NBC News’ network of sites. During his time there, the team rebuilt the network’s story-telling platform and worked on some of Facebook and Twitter’s first media partnerships. He also launched the debut mobile apps for NBC News, the Today Show, Meet the Press, and the Rachel Maddow Show.