Doonesbury Meets SuperMario: What Works and What Doesn’t With Interactives?

How does a reader quickly learn what interactions work? How is a reader effectively prompted to complete the story? And how can real-time analytics lead to more effective storytelling? Gus D’Angelo will talk about how he strives to quickly engage “reader/players” into unique, interactive experiences that entertain and inform.

KNIGHT TALK: See Gus shares his plans for re-imagining the creation and distribution of news and editorial cartoons for the digital age.

Gus D’Angelo

Comics. Interactives. Storytelling.

Gus D’Angelo’s work has illuminated the pages of The Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle and The New York Times, and, as a game animator, he’s breathed life into sparkly unicorns and rainbow fairies for mobile and desktop games at TinyCo, Google and Slide. D’Angelo is developing “Comigama”, a new, interactive, mobile-first media platform that blends traditional editorial cartoons and comic strips with mini-games. He started building “Comigama” as a 2014 Knight fellow at Stanford.