Digital Redesign: Simple Lessons, Complicated Process

Star Tribune visual leaders Derek Simmons and Josh Penrod partner with Jim Bernard (SVP Digital, Star Tribune) and Mike Swartz (Partner, Upstatement) to pull back the curtain on redesigning a major news site. Using the‘s overhaul as case study, they share how you can shoot for the moon journalistically while balancing audience, revenue, workflow and resource constraints. It can be done!

Derek Simmons

AME/Visuals, Minneapolis Star Tribune


Derek Simmons is the Assistant Managing Editor for Visuals at the Minneapolis Star Tribune. During his previous tenure at the Los Angeles Times, the paper was the overall winner every year at SND’s international competition, capturing more than 500 awards. Derek has helped lead award-winning print and digital redesigns at the Star Tribune and Los Angeles Times, where he has a combined 17 years of experience as a visual journalist. He has made contributions to other digital platforms as well, including mobile, apps and ebooks. He is a proud part owner of the Green Bay Packers (hey, one share counts!).

THE SND INTERVIEW: Q+A with the Star Tribune redesign team

Jim Bernard

Senior Vice President, Minneapolis Star Tribune


Jim Bernard is the Senior Vice President of Digital at the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Since joining the Star Tribune in 2010, Jim has expanded mobile, added a successful digital subscription tier and facilitated significant digital revenue growth. Prior to the Star Tribune he was the General Manager of

THE SND INTERVIEW: Q+A with the Star Tribune redesign team

Josh Penrod

Presentation Director, Minneapolis Star Tribune


Josh Penrod is the Presentation Director, Digital and Print at the Minneapolis Star Tribune. He is an award-winning art director and cross-platform visual journalist with more than a decade of experience designing for print, web, tablet and mobile devices. Josh has worked in several newsrooms on both coasts, including The New York Times and Los Angeles Times, and as Senior Art Director at Joe Zeff Design where he leaned on years as an editor and storyteller to help clients such as the NFL, National Geographic, Fast Company, Adobe, Notre Dame, JPMorgan Chase, Bulgari and others using smart design, tight narratives and deeply engaging interactive content.

THE SND INTERVIEW: Q+A with the Star Tribune redesign team

Mike Swartz

Partner, Upstatement


Mike Swartz is a partner at Upstatement, which he co-founded in 2008 after working in newspapers and magazines as a designer, art director and front-end developer. Upstatement is a Boston-based digital design studio that has worked with the Star Tribune, Boston Globe, ESPN, and others to build digital products and experiences. Upstatement’s work employs a blend of research-driven user experience design, good old-fashioned art direction and programming to build beautiful and useful interfaces for users, readers and content creators.

THE SND INTERVIEW: Q+A with the Star Tribune redesign team