Design Once, Share Widely

Going bespoke is so 1999. Design and develop once with sharing in mind. Kevin Poortinga from Gannett’s Local Digital Solutions Network, a virtual team that works on projects for multiple sites, and Corey Greeneltch, Director of Design at Gannett Digital, will show ideas for how to design smartly and develop with care to make a big impact.

Corey Greeneltch

Director of Design, Gannett Digital


Corey is Director of Design at Gannett Digital. He leads the design of digital enterprise-wide products for all of Gannett’s 120+ publishing properties as well as VR, Interactives, and wearables. Corey believes that the best design is invisible and that communication and empathy are more important than Photoshop and Illustrator. He gets overly excited about process, infographics, scalable design, motorcycles, bicycles, guitars, really loud music and his four kids.

Kevin Poortinga

General Manager, Gannett Local Digital Solutions Network


Kevin Poortinga is the General Manager of Gannett’s Local Digital Solutions Network, a (mostly) virtual team that resides squarely in the intersection of local media, technology and user experience for all of Gannett’s publishing properties. Before this, Kevin held several editorial, creative and digital leadership roles at Gannett Digital and in local markets including The Indianapolis Star and The Times of Northwest Indiana. He was awarded Gannett’s first “Innovator of the Year” award for the Indy product development team’s work on local niche sites.