Design for Your Ears

NPR One is a personalized audio experience designed to be heard. If we are doing our jobs well, then you likely aren’t even looking at your device. Being out of sight as we blend curation and machine learning creates a unique set of constraints for building a mobile app. How do we craft an experience for your ears? Jeremy and Dan will discuss the evolution of NPR’s new digital radio platform, from inception to obstacles to examples of interactions built for sound.

Dan Newman

Deputy Creative Director, NPR Digital Media Group


As Deputy Creative Director for NPR’s Digital Media Group, Dan works with a multifaceted team of interaction designers and visual product designers to create NPR-branded digital products and services. Prior to joining NPR in 2014, Dan led the Web & Mobile User Experience team at Wolfram, and has previously worked in design, digital marketing, and web production

Jeremy Pennycook

Creative Technologist, NPR


Spear-heading NPR‘s efforts to re-imagine digital listening through mobile, Jeremy leads teams solving problems with creativity, technology, and collaboration. In a previous life, he worked as a journalist and an entrepreneur focusing on how the dynamics of the web changes both how people tell and consume stories online.