Can Humor in Information Graphics Be Taken Seriously?

Nigel Holmes delivers the keynote conclusion to the day, drawing on decades of experience in the art of explanation. Nigel, who was a speaker at the second annual workshop — SND2, as we like to call it — will look both back and ahead, seeking to understand and explicate how information design has a vital role in the then, the now and the future. All with a dose of his trademark humor.

THE SND INTERVIEW: Q+A with Nigel Holmes


Nigel Holmes

Information Graphics


Nigel Holmes is recognized globally for his expertise in explanation graphics, having received numerous awards through the years (including a Lifetime Achievement honor from SND). Nigel spoke at the first SND workshop in Washington, way back in 1980, and will return to regale the audience with tales from his rich and celebrated career.

THE SND INTERVIEW: Q+A with Nigel Holmes