Cap Watkins: Design is for Everyone

From the start of his presentation, Cap Watkins, the VP of design at BuzzFeed, brought a light-hearted feeling to the room, displaying a gif of a cat riding a fully cooked piece of bacon through space.

“If a cat can ride bacon through space, we can do anything,” Watkins said.

He emphasized heavily throughout his presentation that as much as design is special, it isn’t special, and designers aren’t always necessary for good design.

Why? Because, according to Watkins, design at its core is just problem solving.

Designers have to accept that their work sometimes isn’t perfect. We fail and succeed all the time. Sometimes a designer isn’t always right, and that’s okay. Sometimes it’s not about how it looks, but about how it works.

“Design is solving user experience problems,” said Watkins. “We have to design all of the things because design is for everyone.”