Best Of Sports Design Winners Revealed

Josh Crutchmer, the design and graphics editor of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, revealed the winners of the 2014 Best of Sports Design competition Saturday afternoon. Crutchmer broke down the 88 winners in the 40 minute session, the first time these results have been revealed in a conference session.

There were 770 entries, 34 judges, and 14 categories. Six judges in each category ranked their favorites, and an average of those scored determined winners. Various categories included Multimedia, Special Coverage, Breaking News, Live Game Covers, and Enterprise/Feature Centerpiece, among others.

Among the big winners were The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Cleveland Plain Dealer, The Times of Oman, Buffalo News, and The Omaha World-Herald. Popular coverage included the World Cup and the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games.

Crutchmer notes these trends in winning sports designs:
1. Concepts outpaced designs
2. Space and restraint dominated live coverage
3. The rich got richer (similar winners across SND competitions)
4. World Cup and Olympics years are fun

Winners will be posted at beginning Monday.