Art Hed TK

Martin & Carrie Gee are husband-and-wife art directors who speak illustrator and want you to learn the language. Armed with stories, tips and secrets from their combined 25 years of experience in eight states over four mediums — the Gees are here to help! Get the inside baseball on how we work, forming solid relationships with artists and best professional practices. At the very least, enjoy watching us spill our guts.

Carrie Gee

Design Director, AdWeek


Carrie Gee is an award-winning art director and designer living in NYC. She is currently at the helm of custom publications and special projects as a design director for Adweek. Having been a designer, illustrator, art director, production artist, photographer, writer (including a stint as a professional breakfast columnist), and copy editor — Carrie is a creative champion who loves every part of what goes into the publication industry.

THE SND INTERVIEW: Q+A with Carrie and Martin Gee

Martin Gee

Senior Art Director, TIME


Martin Gee is an Emmy-award winning art director, designer and illustrator based in NYC. He is currently the Senior Art Director at TIME and on ICON9 The Illustration Conference’s board of directors. He enjoys adding cats to his vector illustrations and building LEGO robots.

THE SND INTERVIEW: Q+A with Carrie and Martin Gee