Affect & Effect — What Journalists Can Learn from Game Design

Games are a case study in how to construct interesting experiences. Games let us participate and invite us in. When you see 12 people reading it doesn’t inspire ‘I should read a newspaper too.’ But a game creates a relationship and a way to connect. Read more about Professor Lindsay Grace’s work in “Journalism Schools Dig Deeper Into Videogames” at #EDShift, a part of

Lindsay Grace

Director, American University Game Lab & Studio


Lindsay Grace is a professor, game designer and researcher. He directs the AU Game Lab and Studio. His game designs have received awards and recognition from the Games for Change Festival, Meaningful Play Conference, ACM SIGGRAPH Digital Arts Community and others. He has published more than 30 papers, articles and book chapters on games in the last 5 years. His creative work has been selected for showcase in more than seven countries and 12 states. Lindsay’s career includes teaching 81 courses over 10 years and more than 30+ presentations in Asia, the Americas and Europe. In 2013 his game, Wait, was selected for the 10th Anniversary Games for Change Festival’s Hall of Fame, as one of the 5 best games for social impact in the last decade. Lindsay has served industry as an independent consultant, web designer, software developer, entrepreneur, business analyst and writer. His work has been featured on PBS Media Shift, Al Jazeera English, Ozy, Kill Screen and more.