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Judges for the Best of News Design™ Creative Competition are selected by the SND Competition Committee from a list of nominations sent by SND members around the world.

Judges do not have to work for a newspaper or belong to SND. They must be individuals knowledgeable enough about design and visual journalism to impartially evaluate competition submissions. Interested individuals may nominate themselves.

Judges are recruited by, and responsible to, the SND Competition Coordinator, a volunteer position that changes annually. Judges are chosen through consensus agreement of the SND Competition Committee every fall.

Nominations can be completed in the form below, or can be sent to SND Headquarters, [email protected] Nominations should include the proposed judge’s:

* full name (with correct spelling)
* affiliation
* work title
* work address with phone number
* e-mail address
* languages read & spoken
* a few sentences on why this person is qualified to be a judge (please, no resumes).

The Competition Committee seeks a diverse slate of judges from all parts of the world, representing various publication types and sizes.

More than 21 judges are selected each year to serve on five-member judging teams. The committee also names “generalist” judges for categories two through 19. A “generalist” steps in when a judge discovers a conflict that prevents him or her from casting a vote on an entry.

Competition rules define a conflict as a judge faced with an entry from his or her publication, a publication he or she has done recent consulting work for (“recent” the 18 months immediately prior to judging) or a publication with which he or she directly competes.

Judging takes place at Syracuse (N.Y.) University over two long weekends in February. Each judge is assigned to one weekend. SND pays for judges’ travel, lodging and meals.

(Photos by Mark Dolan)

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