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All competition results from the 14th edition to the 40th edition are available here. The latest results are unofficial until publication of the “Best of News Design” book. Winners of the World’s Best Designed™ Newspaper and Digital News Experience categories are announced at the annual conference.

Award of Excellence

Category: 13I Multiple Illustrations
Headline: The issue of crime
City: Boston, Mass.

    Alex Kingsbury, Deputy Ideas Editor
    Heather Hopp-Bruce, Ideas design supervisor
    Alejo Porras, Illustrator

Reference Number: 967

Digital results

Visit the Best of Digital Design competition site for a list of awards since 2010 along with judges’ comments and more.


Será posible obtener el listado de ganadores de otra forma, la base de datos da error.


How do I search the results from the 38 SND? I can’t use the database search.

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